What Happened to the old Open Talk?

What Happened to the old Open Talk?

So…. What happened to Open Talk? Well…. in short… MICROSOFT. They bought Skype and then promptly shut down one of our favorite features the software offered called “Skypecasting”.

Skypecasts are crap: Why Skype needs to rethink their strategy – ICT for  Peacebuilding (#ICT4Peace)

Skypecasting was great! It was easy to setup up, easy to use, and allowed people to connect with a global audience in mere minutes. 

We did try out a variety of different platforms and software, but before 

too long I realized that I needed to take a break. I needed to reproach my show entirely, with a focus on improving my skills a host and as a blogger. To be honest I was never much of a “blogger” to begin with. I never scripted anything and ran the show from the seat of my pants. I would frequently book guests ahead of time, but put almost zero time into planning out my questions and interviews. This lead to some VERY awkward moments and some very embarrassing dialogue on my part.  ….it also didn’t help that my guest and I would start drinking at the beginning of the show and by half an hour to an hour in we’d be so tanked that the shows became untenable and certainly unlistenable. It’s shocking to me that we lasted as long as we did, and actually had thousands of listeners tuning in. Our numbers grew immediately in the beginning, but plateaued after the first six months.

Then we dragged it our for another year or so and things just declined even further. The shows became 

unlistenable as your host would become increasingly intoxicated while being distracted and involved in all sorts of debauchery and unsavory behavior. It was a lot of fun for those in the studio but for the listener 

it was a dumpster fire… a train wreck… an embarrassment.

THIS TIME around, we’re taking a newer and better path. I’m writing things out. Planning the interviews, and making sure that our shows stay on topic and on course. We’ve got some great subjects, brilliant guests, beautiful music, and some stimulating conversations and more in store for you each week, and sometimes more often.

Thank you for joining us and Welcome back to Open Talk!

Open Talk with Grant Garrison

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